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We would like you to support Sheba Productions efforts in assisting My Little Angels KG & Primary School.  Assistance is needed more than ever in the never ending struggle to improve the school, prepare students, provide necessary teachers and administrators as well as a safe, clean, productive and comfortable environment. 

Assistance helps the school prepare the students to become emotionally, physically, mentally and financially independent and productive members of society. I had the pleasure of visiting the school from September until October in 2007 which allowed me the many unforgettable experiences listed below. 

I rode to the other side of town with the principal to purchase and pick up a blackboard.  It took approximately three and a half hours just to go place an order at the town school supply office.

I met many of the students and school staff.

I assisted with the staff at the school and personally delivered a small number of donated school supplies from Sheba Productions to the school's principal.

I watched how the school staff and grounds keepers would happily clean, sweep and build with limited supplies and budget.  It took a full day for this worker to paint this old, small playground equipment and fence to try and make them look appealing.

I assisted the principal and the area center with distributing bags of donated used garments to the nearby community. 

The children were so, happy and grateful including one little boy who was brought in by his caretaker with no underwear, pants or shoes on and was able to be fully clothed.

And best of all I was able to fully sponsor a five year old girl named Netsanet for My Little Angels KG & Primary School.  She receives tutition, lunch, transportation, uniforms, books & school materials.  Netsanet's mom only has a fifth grade education but, her heart and love for her daughter I found to expand larger and higher than any formal education that she may be lacking.

Netsanet's Report Card and Mom's Letter to Sheba (PDF — 2 MB).

On the night of the Aid & Supplies Fundraiser Event August 2008 Former News Anchor, Tracey Neale challenged that her organization Veronica's Story a
Pediatric AIDS and Orphan's Foundation matched every $100.00 donation with $100.00 up to $1000.00.

Tracey's foundation now supports two students at the school. Please support her great deeds of compassion and visit her website at http://veronicasstory.org

Other Contributors:
Dr. Mulai T Yohannes
Shelton Braxton
Elena Designs
Marakinesh Kassaye
Monjour Johufar
Michael Keelty

We hope that you will feel compelled to meet her challenge!

It's hard to fully explain the feeling from all the above experiences.  The school's staff especially, it's principal Mrs. Ruthie Assefa would love to openly invite you to make a personal visit to the school to see and experience the same for yourself.  Mrs. Assefa would gladly make the arrangements for you.

For more information about My Little Angels KG & Primary School